P.O.W. 20th Anniversary


A true tribute to Prisoner of War


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P.O.W. 20th Anniversary is actually two beat'em up games in one. On the one hand you have the original P.O.W. 20th Anniversary remake, with its original graphics; on the other hand you have the 2010 version of Prisoner of War, with revamped graphics inspired on King of Fighters.

Each one of the games included in P.O.W. 20th Anniversary has its own story and its own characters, so they really are two completely different games that simply share gameplay and the setting.

P.O.W. 20th Anniversary's gameplay is, of course, the same as any classic beat'em up developed using OpenBOR: you must go through several enemy-infested levels while destroying them with kick and punches.

Just in case playing solitaire isn’t fun enough, P.O.W. 20th Anniversary offers a co-op mode for two players in which each one controls one of the main characters.

P.O.W. 20th Anniversary is a very fun beat'em up that serves as a fine tribute to the great SNK classic from the late eighties.